Ethically Sourced

At Trouvaille Lifestyle Shop, we are committed to sourcing materials from environmentally  and ethically sourced places.  In our lifestyle shop you will find a selection of home goods made with materials sourced from Mali Africa,  The material is  called mud cloth or Bogolanfini.  Bogolanfini is a handmade cotton fabric dyed using a process of fermented mud that dates back to the 12th century.  In the Bambara language, spoken in Mali, the word Bogolanfini is a composition of the three words.  Bogo, means “earth” or “mud” Ian, meaning “with” and fini, meaning “cloth.  The word is translated as “mud cloth”. Just one of the things that makes mud cloth so special is that each piece is handwoven first by the men of the tribe then it passes hands to the women of the tribe where they dye the material.  Lastly it is passed to the older women of the tribe where they tell a story on it with the arrangement of  symbols that are painted upon it.  The  symbols and language of the cloth is passed down from mother to daughter.  It is because of these beautiful traditions that we believe in our mission to improve the lives of makers, children, and communities in Mali.

The Impact of Fair Trade goods

In Trouvaille Lifestyle Shop you will find many goods made from fabrics sourced from Mali, Africa.  These are Fair trade fabrics.  Fair trade is a type of transaction that gives the maker a fair price for their product.  By making and selling these goods they are able to become a more sustainable community. At Trouvaille we encourage people to be aware of the goods they purchase and their impact on the world.  In sourcing materials from traders like those in Mali Africa we also support eco-friendly and natural production methods that have been used for countless generations insuring a minimal footprint on the environment.  We are very proud to be working with the makers of these beautiful and natural fabrics.